“I created these programs, first at the request my bishop who wanted to replace the secular programs formerly in use in the diocese. ‘Catholics deserve more’, he said. I also saw a need to help parishes train the next generation of Catholic politicians, scientists, ethicists, journalists, lawyers, and doctors so that when they become great national or world leaders that they have the truth upon which to base their decisions; so that a Catholic education really means something to the future of our nation.” –Coleen Kelly Mast, Author.

LoveEd is a program designed to help parishes, schools, and parents teach both the theology and science of human sexuality in the context of God’s plan for love and life. Each age group/gender video contains a series of five segments and questions for private parent-child discussion periods between each segment. LoveEd teaches not just the facts of life, but the meaning of life, LoveEd. LoveEd is produced by Coleen Kelly Mast, M.S. with Sr. Kieran Sawyer, SSND, two leading experts in family life and human sexuality education.

What a Parish Needs:

To implement LoveEd, parishes provide:

  • A male and female facilitator who have a background in Theology of the Body and/or Natural Family Planning who live the Catholic vision of human sexuality.
  • A separate time or place for boys than for girls, for older students than younger ones.
  • Space for their parents or a caring adult accompanying the child to have a private conversation with them between the videos.
  • A heart for serving the real-life needs of young people and their families today.

When your parish chooses LoveEd, RESPECT4U offers:

* The recommended age groups for parish presentations are: younger programs, 5th and 6th grades; older programs, 7th and 8th grades.

The Parish Kit includes:

A Facilitator’s Guidebook that provides the information you need to implement the five programs at the parish level, PLUS 6 Streaming Rights or DVDs:

  • 1 preview Streaming Right or DVD.
  • 1 Streamin Rights or DVD for a Parish Program for Parents of Children ages 2-14.
  • 1 Streaming Right or DVD with 6 segments for a Parish Program for Boys at Puberty with their Dads.
  • 1 Streaming Right or DVD with 6 segments for a Parish Program for Girls at Puberty with their Moms.
  • 1 Streaming Right or DVD with 6 segments for a Parish Program for Boys at Young Adolescence with their Dads.
  • 1 Streaming Right or DVD with 6 segments for a Parish Program for Girls at Young Adolescence with their Moms.

A sample of each of the five Participant Books,

One each for:

  • Parents of Children Ages 2-14.
  • Boys at Puberty with their Dads.
  • Girls at Puberty with their Moms.
  • Boys at Young Adolescence with their Dads.
  • Girls at Young Adolescence with their Moms.

 These five separate programs (per age and gender, one just for parents) composed of engaging videos with questions for one-on-one, parent-child dialogue between the video segments.

  • A comprehensive Parent Guide to equip parents with tools and confidence to joyfully fulfill their duty to educate their children ages 2-14 in those teachable moments of life. Includes discussion questions for Parent Video Seminar.
  • The four child-centered coordinating books are used for discussion during the parent/child seminars and include 6 additional lessons for parent to complete with their child at home.

All program participants are encouraged to have their own parent guide and child book, as appropriate for their age and gender. These take-home books allow parents to preview the information beforehand, and be in conversation with their child before, after or during the program.

Parishes can order parent and children’s books in bulk for Parish Program use.

Respect4U is a nonprofit organization developing educational materials for individuals, families, schools and churches. We seek to teach and support families in their journey of living the true meaning of love so that they can live life to the fullest.

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