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Keynote Addresses


Parent and Youth Interactive Seminars

Trainings for Teachers, Parents, Catechists, Clergy

Marriage Enrichment or Marriage Preparation Seminars

Pro-Life Events and more!

Speaking Feedback

I would absolutely recommend Coleen's "Raising LoveWise Kids" presentation for your grade school parents. It was the most practical and useful workshop I have ever attended.

Janet, Mom of 4 children, IN

Your keynote address [Four Heart Healthy Habits of Holiness] was the best presentation our group has hosted in all of our four years. Your personal testimonial and touches of humor truly moved our hearts.

Alice, PA

Best talk ever: Fast, fun, deep and hit home. Kept my attention.

Dave, KS

“The Four Heart Healthy Habits for Holiness”

A fun and inspiring keynote address. If you want your audience to laugh, cry, sing, and be inspired, book this talk for your next banquet or gathering.   Enlightening, entertaining, and spiritually motivating address to help you think more deeply about your relationship with God and others.  

“Spiritual Spa Womens Retreat” or “FaithLift”

What is Spiritual Liposuction? How about a FaithLift? Want the meditation exercise without the yoga? What is truly healthy for our body and soul? Get your committee together now, go get some prizes donated, and outline your plan for the day. Schedule and sample fliers available. You’ll need a priest for Mass and Confessions, especially after I sing an examination of conscience parody, “These are a Few of My Favorite Sins!”
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“Chastity Education: What Are We Supposed to Do?”

What are the different roles of the pastor, the school, the parents, the religious educators?  How do we support the parent as primary educators and fit one more thing into the curriculum? Here, unpacked for you, are the most recent teachings of the Vatican and the US Bishops to help us help our children navigate in today’s over-sexed, love-starved culture.  Ideal for Adult Catechists, Pro-Life Groups, Catholic School Administrators, Teachers and Parents.


A question and answer session just like the radio show, only in person with your group. You select a few topics to start off the event, and either send in the questions ahead of time from your registrants, or take them on site from the participants. Meet the needs of your group with this interesting live show-style presentation.

“Pro-Life and Pro-Family”

What are the current issues facing us in our culture regarding life and family? How do we protect and defend marriage and the family today? What do we say? How do we say it? How can we be more effective? How do we avoid Pro-lifer burnout? Hear my personal testimonial and challenges to live pro-life and pro-family. Great motivation for pro-life reps and pro-family organizations

Parish Mission or Retreat Conducted over 3 or 4 evenings or a weekend event.  Select any 3 or 4 individual talks listed above.

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“LoveEd Facilitator Training”

For catechists, teachers, parents, volunteers, principals, school nurse and social workers in parishes or dioceses interested in implementing the LoveEd Program. 5 hours, includes break for lunch.

Marriage Retreats for Couples
You’ll be surprised to find out what marriage advantages Catholics have that other religions don’t. How can
we harmonize, not criticize, when we married our “opposite”?  Choose from the following themes:1) Seven Weapons for Defending Your Marriage from the Devil2) FIREPROOF Your Marriage: based on clips from the movie Fireproof3) Love & Life for Couples & Parents: Unity or Division talk with Raising LoveWise Kids talk

“Reflections for Engaged Couples: Unity or Division?”
How did we get here and where are we headed? Why are we getting married? What should we expect in living out the unitive and procreative dimensions of marriage? How do you decide about children? What can we do these next months before our wedding to prepare for a better marriage? Get your marriage off to a good start with the great intimacy you long for.

“Unity or Division in Marriage?”  
They call us the “opposite sex” for a reason! How do men and women complement one another in their communication, sexuality and personality? What are some of the specific ways that our conjugal union might divide us rather than unite us? What about decisions regarding family size and family time? How can we grow in love over the years to become one in Christ as we promised or will promise at our wedding? Learn some things that Oprah, David Letterman and Tiger Woods don’t know yet.
“LoveEd Level 2 Video/Discussion Seminar”
There are separate seminars for Father and Sons than for Mothers and Daughters. For parents with their children ages 12-15 who are ready to learn about the richness of the Catholic truths of life along with the facts of life, as well as the virtues needed to grow in maturity during adolescence. Gender appropriate student workbook needed. Private Discussion between videos helps bond parent and teen. 2 hours.
“The Chastity Challenge”
What is love? What isn’t love? What is purity? How do we know it? How do we live it? How do I prepare myself to become a mature high school student who can honor God with my choices? Based in a simple Theology of the Body and Catholic Morality, this fun and fast-paced talk with audience participation is both informative and motivating to live chastity. Parents are encouraged to attend with their teen. Ideal for teen middle-school or confirmation classes.
“Pro-Life Science” Father & Son Pro-Life Conference
An amazing 2-hour video/discussion program for dads with their sons ages 12-17. Includes the theology of the body as well as reproductive biology for both male and female, a simple explanation of marriage and conjugal love, conception, purity and a video of fetal development. Includes discussion on ‘why men should be pro-life’ and well as how to live and spread the message of purity. Challenges the young men to make great sacrifices for purity as did many of the saints.
“Maximum Love!”

Be ready for an interesting evening about God’s beautiful plan for love, dating and marriage, presented with audience participation, songs, skits, raps, and posters.  Learn how to live, share and defend the choice to be pure.  Discover the difference between real love and the artificial substitute.  (Alternate Title: “Lead Us Not Into Temptation Island”) A fun and fast moving presentation that includes “How far can I go?” “Was it really an accident?” and “God’s Awesome Plan for Love & Romance in Marriage” Ideal for high school teens.

“Wait or Mait? A Positive Approach to Sexuality”
One-hour lively presentation on sexual decisions, for the average secular-thinking young adult over 16.  Includes choices between superficial love and authentic love, gratification and fulfillment, birth control and self-control, etc, providing truthful information they do not receive from the popular culture. Q & A can follow.

“LoveEd Level 1 Video/Discussion Seminars”
There are separate seminars for Father and Sons than for Mothers and Daughters. For parents with their children ages 9-12 to help them prepare for puberty and adolescence, spiritually, socially, and physically. Gender appropriate student workbook needed. Private discussion between videos helps bond parent and child. 2 hours.
“Growing Up with Health and Virtue”
Two, 2-hour presentations, separate session for mothers/daughters and for fathers/sons that enable a sacred and intimate life-changing conversation between parent and preteen. The boys program is entitled Strong, Smart and Pure. The girls program is called Truth, Beauty, & Life. Includes videos and discussions on how to mature spiritually and emotionally while the physical changes of puberty are taking place. Includes some theology and biology of the body, with practical advice for maturing on the inside while you are maturing on the outside. In the Chicagoland area, these can be done simultaneously with Coleen leading the girls session and a trained pro-life man leading the boys session. In other cities, can be done on a weekend day or two consecutive evenings so Coleen can facilitate both. For ages 9-12 with a parent.
“Knights in Shining Armor and Ladies in Waiting”
For parents and pre-teens together. (ages 11-14) Interactive presentation on preparing to become a great teenager.  Parent – teen exercises, quizzes on signs of maturity, accountability to God, purity, modesty and custody of the eyes, practicing real love at home, living the commandments, courtesy, and nobility in language for the innocent. How do I know when I am ready to date? Can also be called “Pre-Teen Power” or “How to Win at the Olympics of Life” Half-day workshop. (Does not include the science.)
“Mother / Daughter  Growing Up Retreat” (includes puberty talk)
Two presentations in one day: 1 hour keynote talk for Mothers and Daughters on ‘what a girl wants’, PLUS the new 2 hour audio-visual presentation about puberty (for moms w/girls ages 9-12) and discussions of the virtues that you need to acquire for real womanhood. Includes presentations, time for mom/daughter discussion, a general but innocent question and answer session, and an on-the-spot modesty check up. Usually for a weekend day 9:30 – 2:00 PM with lunch in the middle. A beautiful day out with mom to begin the discussion of becoming a Christian woman.

“LoveEd Parent Seminar”

For parents, catechists, grandparents and pro-life volunteers who wish to educate children ages 3-14 using the LoveEd workbooks and videos. 2 hours. LoveEd Parent Workbook needed for participants.

“Raising Love-Wise Kids in a Lustful World”

Answers for parents of children ages 2-13 on how to raise them innocent but not ignorant. Sometimes funny, always truthful, very memorable. Half-day workshop. Alternate title: “Teachable Moments in Education for Love” or “Innocent but not Ignorant”. A mom who recently attended said, “This was the single most practical workshop I have ever attended in my life.”  Come and gain some real practical answers for those teachable moments in your children’s education for love and life: Mom, dad, what does @#$% mean?

“Four Secrets for Raising Kids with Character”

For parents of young children ages 1-12. (If I told you what they were, they wouldn’t be secrets anymore.) How do I sort through the many venues of parenting advice to succeed long term? What kind of parents are we? What do we want for our children? What tools do we need?  How can the teachings of the Church help us in the daily practical decisions of child-raising? How parents can set a practical and fun course for family members? Includes family friendly humor and music. You might be surprised.
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Speaking Fees

A single presentationis $1500.A half-day retreat, seminar,or workshop is $2000. A full day seminar or two half-day workshops is $2800. Travel expenses from Chicago are additional. Parent/Child LoveEd seminars on the same trip as a LoveEdTraining for Parents or Facilitators are only $500 per add on. Discounts available for the Joliet Diocese and Chicago Archdiocese.

Funding Ideas:

  • Ask service organizations such as Knights of Columbus or CCW to sponsor the presentation.

  • Have a large parish, diocese, or a group of parishes sponsor the event.

  • Charge admission.  Some events can produce income for your organization when there is a registration fee.

  • Subsidize with help from a benefactor or pro-life organization.