Books from Coleen Kelly Mast

Sex Respect

Sex Respect®  is a positive down-to-earth educational workbook program designed to provide teens with information and help them develop attitudes that have been overlooked by many other secular sex education programs.
The Sex Respect® program teaches teens that saying “no” to premarital sex is their right, is in the best interest of society and is in the spirit of true sexual freedom. There is an accompanying guide for Parents and Teachers.

Love & Life

Love and Life is a positive, life-affirming workbook presentation of God’s plan for life and love, sexual morality, and growth in virtue. It is a proven and practical program for teaching chastity to teens. It shows how we learn to live and love according to God’s two greatest commandments and the Beatitudes, which are nurtured in us through our lives in Jesus Christ. There is an accompanying Parent Guide with more details of the science and morality behind the teachings.



LoveEd is a positive and beautiful ‘meaning of life and facts of life’ program that includes 5 video-discussion seminars with workbooks that can be done in the parish or at home. One seminar and book is for Parents, Catechists and Grandparents; the other four LoveEd seminars are age appropriate and gender appropriate for preteens and teens with their parents. It presumes innocence of the children, yet educates them to be ‘innocent, not ignorant’. Parish Facilitator Training is available for dioceses or groups of parishes. See Coleen’s speaking page.

One in Christ

The One in Christ Program provides bishops, priests, deacons, and lay facilitators with an all-inclusive and comprehensive Pre-Cana program. Rev. Thomas Aschenbrener presents both the sacramental theology and the practical “tools” of Christian Marriage to help couples reach an understanding of how marriage is an opportunity to assist the other in attaining Heaven and what that means for their lives together here on earth. The One in Christ Marriage Preparation program, which can be presented over a period of two or more weekends, is ideal for engaged couples and those who are convalidating their marriage. It is designed to be flexible so it can be presented as a workshop at your local parish or diocese, or the materials can be purchased by individual couples to use as a self-study guide in the home.


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