Crusade for Love ABC’s

Crusade for Love by Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski

1. Respect everyone.... Christ resides in everyone. Be sensitive to others- they are your brothers and sisters.
2. Think well of everyone- think ill of no one. Try to find something good even in the worst circumstances.
3. Always speak well of others- do not cast a slur on anyone. Repair any harm resulting from an uttered word. Do not provoke strife between people.
4. Speak to everyone in the language of love. Do not raise your voice. Do not swear. Do not vex others. Do not provoke tears. Reassure others. Show a kind heart.
5. Forgive everyone everything. Do not hold grudges. Always be the first to extend your hand as a sign of reconciliation.
6. Act always to your neighbor's advantage. Do good things to others as you would like them done to you. Never give a thought to what others owe you, but always to what you owe them.
7. Be actively compassionate in time of suffering. Be quick to offer consolation, counsel, assistance, kindness.
8. Work conscientiously- others benefit from the fruits of your labor, just as you benefit from the labor of others.
9. Be active in your community. Be open to the poor and the sick. Share your goods. Try to see the needs of those around you.
10. Pray for everyone, even your enemies.

Cardinal Wyszynski of Poland and was a key figure in the country’s 20th-century history. His heroic resistance to Nazism and communism and his steadfast efforts to protect the Catholic Church when Poland was under communist rule led to his three year imprisonment by the communists. He was a mentor for St. Pope John Paul II. The cause for his beatification is currently open.

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