By Fr. Lawrence Lovasik – Sophia Institute Press

Kindness adds sweetness to everything.

Kindness is an imitation of God. God’s love comes to earth.

Kindness makes life blossom and fills it with fragrance.

Kindness counteracts the unhappiness of sin and makes life more endurable.

Kindness is one of God’s greatest gifts to the world,

and it comes into the world through you.

Become a member of the Fraternity of Kindness.

The rules are simple – three little don’ts and three little do’s.


  1. Don’t speak unkindly OF anyone.
  2. Don’t speak unkindly TO anyone.
  3. Don’t ACT unkindly to anyone.


  1. Do speak kindly of each family member at least once a day.
  2. Do think kindly of each family member at least once a day.
  3. Do ACT kindly toward each family member at least once a day.

For any unkindness committed:

  1. Make a brief act of contrition such as “My Jesus, mercy!”
  2. Offer an apology, if possible.
  3. Say a little prayer such as “Bless ___N__, O Lord”

           for the person to whom you have been unkind.

Kindness Quiz : How Kind (or Unkind) Are You?

  1. Have I refused in my heart to forgive a person who has injured me?
  2. Have I cast a gloom over my surroundings by giving in to morose or sullen moods?
  3. Am I inclined to be rude, impolite, distant or harsh in my judgments?
  4. Have I permitted gossip and petty tale bearing to go on in my presence, without making an effort to change the subject?
  5. Am I chronic complainer by habitually looking for flaws and pointing them out to others?
  6. Do I complain about the work I have to do?
  7. Have I made cutting and sarcastic remarks to others?
  8. Have I hurt others by flare-ups of anger and impatience?


  • Have I formed the habit of offering a ready thank-you for small favors granted?
  • Do I check my impulses to avoid replying to unkind words in a spirit of revenge or to defend myself?
  • Do I make a habit of saying encouraging words?
  • Do I affirm the good in others by thanking them for a virtue they practiced toward me?

Score: #s 1-8 One point for each NO

                     #s 9-12  One point for each YES

My Score _________   #s I need to work on ____  ____ ____ ___

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