Boys at 10 need less physical information, as they are 2-4 years from puberty. But because of the culture, they need more spiritual and emotional discipline that needs to be developed now before the testosterone rolls, to avoid “testosterone RULES.” Initial talks with sons should be kept on a high, Godly plane, to avoid the danger of trivializing the sacred and deep mysteries of life. Any further physical details requested before puberty should be answered briefly with constant reference to God.

The Seven C’s for Boys:

1. Christ rules as your model of love, kindness, humility, courage and strength. Courtesy and respect for women is important for boys who want to become strong Christian men. Develop the courage to go to the cross to live for Christ. Pray to hear Christ’s call to vocation and be prepared to respond to Him.

2. Commandments: Review them together, possibly using the summary pages at the back of the Catechism, explaining what you think he needs at this age. For example, 6th commandment: certain kisses and embraces are allowed by God for married persons, which would be impure for unmarried. 9th commandment: dismiss impure or sinful thoughts by thinking something good. Form a conscience well, and go to Confession regularly (every two to four weeks). Hopefully, Dad is the leader in this. Don’t let your soul get wimpy because it’s full of venial sins. Seek your confessor’s advice on doubts or temptations. Avoid “occasions of sin.”

3. Chastity is the ideal virtue for men to develop. This form of purity of mind, words and body will help you live out your vocation, whether you are later called to Christian marriage, priesthood, religious life or single life. Refuse to listen to jokes or words that make fun of women or private parts of anyone’s body. Change the subject or walk away. Do not discuss private things with groups of boys. Most of them do not know how to speak with reverence about those things that God deems holy and private. Talk to your dad or mom about private issues. Avoid groups of boys who think sin is cool. Choose companions carefully.

4. Custody of the eyes: We live in a culture that tries to make fun of God’s plan for the holy marital embrace. Movies and magazines will try to train you to see women as objects for your pleasure or curiosity. If you give in to this training, you may see young women that meet you as “sexy” rather than beautiful children of God. Your job is to train yourself to keep your mind pure by turning your head away from these ads, avoiding those magazines and movies and being quick with the TV remote control to turn off any images of immodest women. Control your curiosity because you love God. Be quick to turn your eyes away from a girl who is dressed immodestly, too, and you will gain for Christ, “custody of your eyes”.

5. Concentrate on developing your character: Apply the virtues and character traits to your studies, sports, skills and home life. Diligence, patience, honesty, kindness and self-control are good places to start. Changes in your body will turn you into a physical man. You must work each day to become a better man spiritually and emotionally. Develop your will power by doing things that are challenging. Seek out hard work, tough sports, large mountains to climb; look at bad weather as a chance to get tough, not to stay inside; do more difficult tasks to help out at home, never complaining or being disagreeable. Strengthen your body and your will power and flee from laziness.

6. Control your behavior, no matter what your emotions are feeling. Emotional maturity is the ability to THINK before you act. Human beings have this capability. As Christians, we have the grace of God to help us. Angry feelings should not lead to violence, passionate feelings should not lead to lust, jealousy or hatred should not lead to revenge. Just because you like a girl doesn’t mean that you have to take her out or kiss her. Do not act impulsively or “however you feel”. Practice the strength of self-control and pray that God will help you desire only those things which help you become a strong Christian.

7. Choose to take care of the body God gave you. You have been a temple of the Holy Spirit since Baptism. You will be growing to physical adulthood over the next ten years. Eat wholesome foods, avoid junk and excess sweets. Avoid temptations to smoke or to drink alcohol.

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