Different Temperaments can create harmony.


Strengths:  Weaknesses:  
Storytelling  Exaggeration  
Colorful descriptions  Lies  
Commanding voice  Loud mouth  
Friendly nature  Talks to anyone  
Free thinker  Undisciplined  
Casual attitude  No sense of time  
Un worried nor  Late for everything  
Loves to shop  Overspends, in debt  
Generous  Gives to everyone  
Optimistic  Can’t think ahead  
Spontaneous  Never plans  
Magnetic personay  Fills the house up  
  Strengths:    Weaknesses  
Neat and meticulous    Obsessive neatness  
Money manager  Stingy  
Deep thinker  Won’t talk  


Neat and meticulousObsessive Neatness
Money managerStingy
Deep thinkerWon’t talk
Introspective  Brooding  
Serious mind  Depressed  
Plans ahead  No spontaneity  
Persistent  Won’t give up  
Sensitive  Easily hurt  
Analytical  Takes forever  
Idealistic  Out of touch  
Detailed  Nit-picking  
Long-term memory  Unforgiving  


Strengths:  Weaknesses:  
Strong leader  Bossy  
Quick thinker  Foolhardy decisions  
Good at business  Takes impulsive steps  
Works hard  Becomes workaholic  
Persuasive  Con artist  
Strong-willed  Stubborn  
Competitive  Must win  
Self-reliant  Doesn’t need you  
Straight talk  lnsulting  
Fast decisions  Impatient  


Strengths:  Weaknesses:  
Easygoing  Lazy  
Peaceful  Not exciting                            
Enjoys good TV  Watches anything  
Appears to listen  Tunes you out  
Smiles and nods  Doesn’t hear a word  
Cool, detached look  Is detached  
Consistent  Stuck in a rut  
Adaptable  Indecisive                                     
Soft, low voice  Mumbles  
Fits in anywhere  Lost in the crowd  
Balanced thinker  No opinion  
Seductive look  Too tired  

From ‘Personality Plus” by Florence Littauer Revell Books. 2001.

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